Sniffing Training Mat
Sniffing Training Mat
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Sniffing Training Mat

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1、Comfortable And Soft: Pet sniffing pad is educational and fun, comfortable and soft, relieving the pressure of pets.
2、Color Flower Design: Due to color flower design, it can stimulate the fun of pets.
3、Easy to Clean: Soft flannel is environmentally friendly, washable, and easy to clean.
4、Suitable For: It is suitable for sniffing training and educational toys. It can alleviate the stress of dogs, killing boring time.
5、Moderate Size: 45*75cm, suitable for all big and medium puppies playing.

Size: about 45*75cm/17.72*29.53in
Weight: about 250g
Material: Polyester

1.Comfortable And Soft: Pet sniffing pad is educational and fun, comfortable and soft, relieving the pressure of pets.
2. Color Flower Design: Due to color flower design, it can stimulate the fun of pets.
3. Easy to Clean: Soft flannel is environmentally friendly, washable, and easy to clean.
4. Suitable For: It is suitable for sniffing training and educational toys. It can alleviate the stress of dogs, killing boring time.
5.Moderate Size: 45*75cm, suitable for all big and medium puppies playing.

Packing list:
1* pet sniffing pad

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