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- Dog Treat Ball Material: Made of high-quality ABS and PC, durable, non-toxic, and safe food container.
- Dog feeder toy can help pets increases IQ and mental stimulation and reduce destructive behavior.
- Easy to clean: Use soft foamy water to wash every part of the interactive food dispensing ball.
- Tumbler design of the Food Dispensing Dog Toy: Allows pets to move and play freely, no matter how pets roll it, it still stands up.
- Slow Feed: the internal maze-type damper device, put food into the container, let pets enjoy interactive eating and slow feed, ideal pet food container for dog cat.

Ā Material: ABS+PC

Size:about 10*10*12 cm

Ā It is a funny dog foraging toy, it can let the dog see, smell, hear it, and found the snacks inside the toy. It could arouse the interest and the appetites of dogs!

The size of the treat's leaking hole is adjustable as we have designed a flexible switch in the toy, it can be removed to control the size of the hole to fit the treats. so the toy is suitable for most kinds of treats.

We designed three open holes on the top of the toy cap, so the dogs can smell the treats and chase the toy, andĀ also the cap can be opened easily to add more treats into the toy.

Here have two marks on the toy, when you assemble the two parts, just need to align the two marks and turn the bottom part to right.

Slow Down Feeding: when putting a portion of your dog's meal in this toy, they will have no choice but to only eat what is dispensed.

The dog puzzle toy ball reduces boredom and destructive behavior through healthy play and exercise while developing and maintaining your dog's physical alertness, to fulfill their hunting instincts.

The interactive toy ball easily unscrews to add food or treats, as well as to make cleaning simple. Hand washes each part with warm, sudsy water. Rinse and dry before filling.


There is a 1 ~ 2cm error because manual measurement Posted by horizontal.

All product images are in kind, lighting, computer monitor differences result in chromatic aberration with the actual products. the final colors will prevail in kind.

Package Include:

1Pcs Dog Foraging Toy