Braided Bone

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Toys Type:Chew Toys
Color:Green, Blue, Yellow

Unique design: different molars can brush dogs of different sizes and their teeth. The serrated grooves help to clean the tartar of the teeth more effectively.
Safety and Hygiene: Made of TPR-resistant thermoplastic rubber, it is more reliable than ordinary rubber, and there is no bitterness or strong rubber smell.
Durability and quality: The extremely durable design has been updated, and the brush surface has been added to achieve the maximum brush effect. Dog bite toys are durable and provide months of brushing and playtime.
Fresh breath: After adding toothpaste or favorite food to the alveoli, let your dog brush his teeth and refresh his breath! You will no longer be bothered by the way you brush your teeth.
Perfect size: This dog bite toothbrush toy is suitable for large, medium and small dogs.

Package Include:
1 X Dog Toy
LX2385G (9)
LX2385G (10)
LX2385L (4)
LX2385L (9)
LX2385Y (4)
LX2385Y (7)
LX2385Y (11)
LX2385G (3)
LX2385G (4)
LX2385G (5)
LX2385G (6)
LX2385Y (3)