Important tips to handle your dog or pet while you are away for work

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Perhaps we were given a good amount of time that we spent with our dogs during the Corona pandemic in recent months, as we fostered a great bond with our pets due to the home quarantine that gave us a wonderful opportunity to strengthen this relationship.

But with the beginning of the phase of opening gradually and returning to life as it was before the Corona pandemic, and the return of routine restrictions related to work, you will be forced to be absent outside the home for many hours, and this may afflict your new dog in a state of anxiety after you get used to being next to him all day.

Animals are amazingly social, so when we come back to wake up early and quickly prepare ourselves for work within minutes, you may begin to see some signs of anxiety, especially in dogs and cats, which can include: following you more; Becoming more needy, excessive barking, household pollution, destructive behavior, or general signs of depression.

The emergence of these behaviors can be frustrating, especially for new pet owners, but the best remedy for combating this type of anxiety? The routine.

Here are some habits that you can add to your morning or evening routine that can help reduce anxiety:

  • Along with your morning walk (by following social distancing guidelines of course), build a five-minute play session and make sure to add special fun.
  • When leaving the house, do not give too much "goodbye" as this may increase the animal's anxiety when leaving.
  • Before you leave, give your dog a foodie or a food puzzle to distract him for half an hour after you leave.


  •  For cats, give them a place where they can distract them by watching the birds and the outside world; Or hide bits of dry food around the house to give them another activity.
  • Leaving the radio on can create a familiar atmosphere for your dog, too. Hearing soothing sounds or music can ease your pet's anxiety and assure him that he is not alone.
  • For dogs, the dog walking service can provide a great midday break and provide interaction with people.
  • If you've been away for more than 8 hours, a dog daycare facility may also be helpful.
  • When you get home, take 10 minutes to play with your pet.
  • For the cats, bring some special toys and move them around, and at the end of the session, you can have a special fun or some catnip to roll in which will make them happier!
  • Dogs are naturally welcome so when you get home, it is important to reward them for calm behavior rather than talking, touching, or eye contact when they are at their highest point of excitement.
  • They will learn how to calm their excitement on their own and calm down faster when you get home, which again helps with their anxiety and stress.
  • After dinner, it is also important to interact with the whole family to let them know that they are loved and cared for.

Pets have amazing individual personalities, and if you have reached a point where your pet's behavior has become a concern, don't hesitate to consult a pet disorder treatment office and respond constructively.

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