How to train young puppies after being newly adopted

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Dogs are one of the pets that can be raised at home, and the dog family is called the Canida platoon, which includes dogs, wolves and foxes, and dogs are among the mammals and they are the first mammals that humans have tamed from wolves, and dogs are famous for being the loyal friend of man.

This is because it is one of the animals that accompanies people most, despite their different shapes, sizes and colors, but they have many roles such as hunting, grazing, carrying weights, protection, helping policemen and helping people with disabilities, and a person can raise a dog from a young age and depend on it by learning and following the steps of how Small dog training, which will be explained through the following paragraphs.

How to train a puppy home

Having a small dog in the house is a very beautiful and cute thing, but its owner must teach her and give her some household laws and instructions in order to be a nice and welcome dog to have it at home, and this depends on the owner and his teaching methods in terms of being a variety of strict and other gentle methods; When he does a right job, he must be rewarded, thanked and praised because dogs love to be spoken to in the language of children, and when they do a wrong act they must be punished so that they know that it is a wrong act and should not be returned, but the punishment is avoided by hitting the puppy, and the following steps explain how to train small dogs to sit at home .

Make a routine for the puppy

One of the most important steps to learning how to train small dogs is to implement a routine for the small dog when bringing him home, for example the puppy must know when and where he must go to relieve himself, so its owner must teach her and accustom her to the times that she must go to relieve himself; For example, when waking up, after every meal, when finishing playing, and when sleeping, and it is important for the puppy to feel that the owner needs him and that he is welcome to come home, and a daily schedule can be made for him to go out and make a walk for the puppy.

Establish a meal schedule

In the beginning, it must be known that dogs have special food, and they should not be fed anything that is in the house, and therefore its owner must set food dates for the puppy in order to set times for him to spend his need, which is often after eating the meals allocated to him during the day, so that the owner can control the puppy by not Eliminate his need in any place, especially during the training period, and also the food bowl designated for him should not remain permanently full until the puppy knows that its owner is the one who provides the food and that he is responsible for it and that he is the leader.


Get your puppy's attention by clapping

Applause for dogs is one of the most popular movements of dog breeders, some may adopt it to pull and attract the puppy's attention to give him something to do, and some use it to alert the puppy that what he is doing is wrong, for example when the puppy relieves his needs around the house, the owner can clap for him to stop and that He follows his owner to the place designated to relieve himself, and when he finishes toilet, he can be rewarded for making him feel that what he has done is right.

Determine a place for the puppy inside the house

Determining a place designated for the puppy inside the house is also one of the most important steps of how to train small dogs, as the place designated for them is determined in the first months of the beginning of training, which makes training them easier and less tiring. In the right place; Thus, it can be transported in a faster time outside the home when ensuring that it goes to the place designated to spend the need, where the puppy can know the places allocated to him, regardless of the size of the area given to it.

Teaching the puppy to respond to commands

Β In order for the puppy to begin to hear speech, he must first be identified by his name; This is for its owner to call him by his name clearly and repeatedly so that the puppy learns his name completely, and so that the owner can issue orders to him, and after the puppy learns his name, his owner begins to teach him the main words as the word β€œsit.” When saying the word "sit", the puppy must sit and listen to its owner, and then Teaching him the word "stop", as the word stop is a very necessary and important word when learning how to train small dogs; This is because when the puppy does a wrong act, he must be taught a word that prevents him from continuing his work while it stops; Another word that the puppy must learn in the beginning is the word "come", which is to instruct the owner of the puppy to come to him and listen to his orders.

Steps to make a puppy an agile dog

One of the nice things to learn while learning how to train small dogs is learning how to play with the puppy, through games that can be made by hand with the puppy's owner or that can be bought, and among the games that the puppy can play is to bring a small ball to the puppy and throw it away and order him to go to pick it up And bring it, but when the puppy is bored, you must stop and start other activities, and among the benefits of these games is building self-confidence in the puppy, and teaching him to control himself and determine what he needs.

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