How do I know what my dog really wants?

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Often we try to understand dog behavior and explain its behavior toward us, we may misunderstand what dogs sometimes want due to lack of experience and information about treating dogs the right way.

In this article, we mention some important explanations of dog behavior and know what dogs love and what they really hate.


Patting and back scritches

Dogs interact with the way we touch their body, but there is an important point to know: dogs may not like to hug. Getting involved in a warm bosom actually makes them feel anxious, according to a study in psychology today. Irene Askelland, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, explains pet behaviors: “While we think they're cute and comfortable, pets often feel annoyed and frightened during hugs, especially when humans pull pets into their faces.”

Your dog's favorite scent

Your dog's favorite scent in the whole world is yours. The more odor your body has to something, the better - as is evident in dog behavior, how often the dogs embarrassed their dirty underwear. "Dogs have noses that are much stronger than ours, and for them, the T-shirt is one of the most comfortable things in the world," says Meg Marz, dog care expert and senior editor at K9 of Mine. "Next time, your dog is worried about leaving him alone or staying in the kennel, leave him with this sweaty shirt."

Gentle patting (not only on the head)

Contrary to popular belief, dogs say Olshavsky doesn't like touching their heads. "Most of them will tolerate them from their parents, but even the most cheerful dog often tends to move away from a hand that heads towards their face," she explains. "If you want to touch a dog, the best place to do that is on their backs or just above the tail." She adds that it is especially important to teach this rule to children. Here are some other incredible facts about your dog.


Do not look at your dog directly and continuously

When it comes to attention, dogs don't seem to get enough of it, but there is one species that they really don't enjoy. "Dogs hate continuous visual communication, which makes them feel uncomfortable and stressed," says McGrath McGrath. So do not hesitate to adore your dog and stare with love, but do not stare deeply in their eyes for a long time.

Do not force your dog to make new friends

Meeting new friends, whether human beings or police dogs, can be great excitement for many dogs - but only if done the right way. Askelland says dogs see their home as their area, so bringing in guests and expecting your dog to be nice instantly may leave him frightened or angry. Instead, configure slow, quiet introductions in a neutral location and never force your dog to "make friends."

Your dog knows when you are sad

Nothing is more important to your dog than your happiness - this selfish love is one of the reasons you love your puppy so much! Because of this, you can be very sensitive to your feelings, says Olshavsky. "Your dog can easily read body language and emotion, so don't be surprised if your dog behaves differently when you have had a bad day at work," she explains. Likewise, when you smile at your dog, he understands that, too.


Dogs like to get their own toys

Quite a bit, it's a kind of love of ownership, dogs really love owning their exclusive things, says April Olshavsky, certified CanC Good Citizen Evaluator and certified trainer. This includes food containers and dog beds, especially their toys. How about when your things suddenly become theirs? "When your dog chews your shoes, he may try to tell you that he needs more toys or attention," she says. When traveling with a pet, be sure to know these important facts in advance.

Dogs like games that end with a reward

When you think about the games you'll get from a puppy, include a puzzle game that includes a challenge followed by a bonus, says Mars. "Dogs are in desperate need of mental stimulation, and they will act if they get bored," she says. “How would you feel if you had to sit around the house all day without doing anything? That might drive you crazy enough to start tearing down your pillows.” Try one of these six ways to keep your dog busy (and away from your shoes) while you work.

Dogs will love a gentle, quiet nap in the afternoon

You might think that your dog can sleep anywhere and anytime, but just because it can sleep during a birthday party doesn't mean that he likes it, says Askelland. And they certainly don't like a herd of children waking them up. In fact, your dog's amazement of deep sleep can make him grouchy or even aggressive. Move the dog bed to a safe and quiet location.



Dogs love frequent routines

"Dogs value the routine, and it may be difficult for them to adapt to sudden changes in the schedule, even just moving from weekdays to weekends," says Askelland, adding that this could lead to behavioral problems such as chewing, barking, digging or any behaviors. Another destroyer. "Try to wake up, take them out, feed them, and exercise at the same time every day."


Dogs love one type of food

Escaland says that people love diversity when it comes to our food, but this is not a feature that dogs share, no matter how much they care for your dinner. She suggests that instead of constantly changing their food through flavors and brands, find the type they like and stick to. You can always give them little gifts at other times for a little surprise.

Dogs hate kissing on the face

Do you think your dog loves fun kisses on his rescue because he "kisses you" in return? It turns out that when your dog licks your face and neck in response to your kissing, they really ask you to let them go, Taylor says. "Dogs hate kissing ... This is a very scary behavior for a dog and can lead to aggressive behavior," she explains.


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