9 facts about your dog that no one told you about previously

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Every day you learn new things to improve your relationship with your pets, as you develop interesting behaviors to reach a more accurate understanding of your dog's understanding, what makes your dog tick may be beneficial to their home life, their behavior, and even their personality.

We have researched and gathered for you these wonderful facts that greatly affect the understanding and development of your relationship with your dog:

1. It is important for your dog to make new friendships at a young age.

Although introducing your dog to people when they are young may be difficult or stressful, in reality it is extremely important to the socialization of your dog. According to Reader's Digest, experts say dogs should meet around 100 new people in the first few months of their lives at home. And they must be people of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Getting your puppy familiar with the people around him will make them less afraid of strangers as they grow. It should include people who wear accessories such as sunglasses or hats, as well as people who cycle, drive a pram, or do other daily activities.

2. You should set aside a period to walk your dog every day outside.

Historically, dogs have always been active animals, whether they roam the wild, graze sheep, or run. While the breeds have been used for various purposes - such as hunting or following paths - many dog ​​breeds have a long history of activity, which gives them a stock of natural energy. And when they stretch around the house, this energy goes unused. According to our friends at Wag! Even if a puppy can go and run around in the backyard, walking is still valuable. They get mental stimulation from walking. They , stop, check, pee, meet new people and new dogs. Usually, they can't do this in their backyard (or, that's not exciting). Because mental stimulation is an excellent way to encourage nurturing. Social ".

3. Food allergies are not as common as you think.

While pet food companies like to think that every puppy has an intolerance to certain ingredients, food allergies are actually not as common in dogs as you might think. And while we hear a lot about "grain-free" being better for dogs, more pets are allergic to animal proteins than grains. According to the Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University, the most common food allergies are chicken (yes, really!), Beef, dairy, and eggs. And you don't have to worry about flaunting Fido's gluten-free products; Gluten sensitivity is very rare for dogs.

4. The sense of smell in dogs is amazingly advanced.

If you're interested in delving deeper into the topic, there is an interesting TedEd lesson below that teaches you more about the wonders of a dog's nose. Here's a snapshot: While humans have about 6 million olfactory receptors in their noses, dog noses contain over 300 million. Their noses are also remarkably practical - they breathe in through their nose and then exhale through the incisions on the sides of their noses, which means there is an ongoing odor processing. This is where a wet puppy's nose also comes into play; The "moist" nature of the nose captures compounds from the breeze. Dogs can also smell separately with each nostril, which gives them the ability to decide which direction the scent is coming from. Dogs have a blunt way of sniffing hormones, which means they can read feelings of anger or pressure on a person, as well as know when a woman is pregnant. Some dogs can even sniff out cancer cells! One of the tremendous facts about a dog's sense of smell is that they can also process things that have happened in the past. It can smell when the car has just launched, or when a human has just passed by - in addition to its ability to process every unique chemical signature of insects, flowers, people and animals around them.

5. The color spectrum that your dog sees more than grayish tones

If you thought your pup was only seeing in shades of gray, black and white - you are wrong! Eyes contain nerve cells that can be divided into two categories: eye rods and ocular cones. While the rods detect light, the cones are the part of the eye that perceives color. According to Wag! , Humans have more color-sensing cones than dogs; A dog's eyes contain between 1/9 and 1/12 of these eye cones. We can see the "full" color spectrum, while little ones can see only three shades of color: blue, blue-violet, and yellow. Anything with shades of red or green appears to be shades of gray. However, there is a trade-off. While dogs have fewer cones than humans, their eyes have roughly three rods - which means they have eyes that are incredibly keen on movement and can see better in low light than humans can.

6. There are some dog breeds that do not bark!

Although this only pertains to a specific breed of dog, it is a great fact to know if you are looking for a pet that does not bark all night. Get to know the Basenji - a breed of African dog that has become famous for its "least barking" dog. Instead of the characteristic barking noise that most dog owners are accustomed to, the Basenji actually has a "singing" sound that resembles a cooing or laughing bird. According to the AKC, Basenjis are often used as hunting dogs, but they have unparalleled gentle demeanor and intelligence. It looks like a very appropriate! Curious to hear what is this jodel-like sound? Listen below.

7. Dogs perspiring through their paws.

Have you ever noticed that your dog's feet smell like cornflakes? It turns out this isn't because they broke into your pantry. Although dogs cool themselves by panting - which circulates air through their bodies - they are actually sweating through the pads of their paws. When sweat and bacteria build up on their feet, it gives off that unique scent. Cleaning your dog's feet is especially necessary in the winter if he jogs through the salt. Dog's paws are very sensitive to the elements. However, a muddy summer is also a reason to brush their feet. Dirty paws can hide cuts or scrapes on foot pads, making it difficult to know when your pup needs a trip to the vet. For minor cleaning, use a wet towel (such as baby wipes). Just be sure to check the ingredients of the product; Some human-safe compounds (like alcohol) can be harmful to your furry friend. If wiping is not enough, you may need to clean the paws in the sink with water and pet-safe soap. Dry it gently with a towel when

8. If your dog’s temperature is higher than yours, then this is normal!

Although a temperature of 102 ° F would be a high fever for a human, it is actually within the normal range for a dog. The AKC tells us the average temperature for dogs is between 99.5 and 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit (compared to a thermometer reading of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit). If you are concerned that your puppy has already had a fever, you should start by examining his or her nose. If it's hot and dry, that's a good first indication that something might be wrong. You can also look for red eyes, lack of energy, appetite, or vomiting. Don't judge body temperature alone, or you may jump to conclusions.

9. If your dog’s mouth smells bad, he needs a veterinarian.

While we joke about bad dog breath, this shouldn't be the norm for your puppy. Similar to humans, bad breath comes with the buildup of bacteria in the mouth. The same goes for dogs. If your puppy chronically has bad breath, this may mean that he needs to have his teeth checked by a vet, or something else may have happened in his intestine or lungs. Bad breath in dogs is usually due to gum disease. If the problem is in your dog's gut, you may want to consider switching his food. The vet may also want to perform a professional cleaning of the puppy's teeth. To eliminate the problem in its infancy, give the puppy hard, safe toys or rewards that encourage better breathing. You can even brush your dog's teeth daily - just be sure to use a certified puppy toothpaste.

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